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The Loch Trilogy Boxed Set

February 7th, 2014 by Temp User

The Loch Trilogy Boxed Set


Hidden beneath the murky depths of Loch Ness, there is another body of water known to its inhabitants simply as the Loch. A sheltered place, far awash from the prying eyes of Drywalkers (humans), it is the home of many long forgotten and undiscovered creatures.

Nessandra, a young plesiosaur, and her friends are chosen to undertake a very important journey. As Drywalkers reach closer to the Loch’s underwater realm, Nessandra must use her knowledge and leadership to defend her world. Leaving the safety of the Loch is treacherous, but for their future ad their own personal growth, their Knowledge Journey must begin.

Housed within a handsome Collector’s Edition slipcase, the trilogy includes:

  • The Loch Part 1: Facing the Future
  • The Loch Part 2: The Knowledge Journey
  • The Loch Part 3: Discovery


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