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CREATED by Stuart Moore

Deep beneath the heart of Texas it lies: the Supercollider, the world’s largest, most powerful particle accelerator.  But a horrific disaster in the mid-’80s left it highly radioactive, killing everyone including the project’s head scientist, Dr. William Erie.

Now, twenty years later, Sara Erie – the doctor’s daughter – is determined to find out the real story.   But when Sara and an investigative team descend into the Supercollider, they find no bodies – just abandoned radiation badges, shadowy, inhuman figures that move very fast, keeping out of sight in the darkened tunnels, frogs frozen in an amber-like substance.  And one word, scrawled repeatedly on the walls in blood: PARA.

What does it mean?  The answer may be the key to the Universe’s origins – or to its end.

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Pencils By:
Pablo Villalobos
Claude St. Aubin
Federico Zumel
Inks By:
Mostafa Moussa
James Taylor
Colors By:
Mike Garcia
Letters By:
Richard Starkings
Cover Art By:
Stephan Martiniere