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CREATED by Martin Montiel & Jose Carlos (J.C.) Buelna

In the distant future, aliens search for the homeworld of an ancient race of perfect beings known as the Humans. Join Stuart Moore as he guides readers through a post-apocalyptic universe where the genetic re-creation of a Human sets a chain of events into motion.

  • Zendra 1.0: Collocation
  • Zendra 2.0: Heart of Fire
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Written By:
Stuart Moore
Pencils By:
Martin Montiel
Inks By:
J.C. Buelna
Victor Olazaba
Mostaffa Moussa
Victor Llamas
Jay Leisten
Colors By:
Chris Garcia
Mike Garcia
Letters By:
Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Jason Levine
Cover Painting By:
Luis Royo
Eirich Olson