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Anne Steelyard: The Garden of Emptiness, Act 3

February 7th, 2014 by Temp User

Anne Steelyard: The Garden of Emptiness, Act 3


A Thousand Waters

In the third and final installment of the Anne Steelyard series, A Thousand Waters, we find Anne still traveling across the desert with the help of Lady Hester’s caravan and her friends.  As Anne continues her search for the elusive City of Miyah, she discovers something utterly sinister and evil that makes her question everything and question who is worthy of her trust. With danger and duplicity surrounding her, Anne does whatever it takes to protect her country and to stop the Germans from establishing their secret base.  Anne also believes this perilous path will secure the key to her freedom.

Get ready for the most action-packed, surprise-filled book of the Anne Steelyard series! Anne pulls out all the stops as she fights to save her countrymen and the ancient city she believes is the ticket to her independence. Anne soon learns that freedom always comes at a price, but it is a price that she is more than willing to pay. (June 2011) Softcover. 79 Pages. Full Color.

2012 USA Book News Best Book Awards Winner, Fiction: Graphic Novel

2011 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award Winner, Bronze Medal, Graphic Novels & Comics

ISBN: 978-0-9842143-4-1

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